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Reported that the first quarter of this year PPR, LVMH announced that sales were less than expected .- Standard detection system has been initially develop a set of standards based on international buyers "Fabrics China Product Standards ," established in Beijing China Fabrics testing center , providing training and consulting services.Outside the four veteran B2C, and Gome Suning Tesco online store also Sturm und Drang from 2012 , the sales of hot pursuit Jingdong Mall . Where to buy discount In recent years the cost of manpower and garment enterprises , taxes and raw materials continue to rise, the overall level of innovation is not enough, sales have not improved significantly under the circumstances, their profit levels are declining , losing competitiveness.Between $ 3 bottle of perfume and a 300 bottle of perfume , what is the difference ? Brand dealers will tell you , the difference lies in its intangible value ratio and tangible value .From the point of view of consumer groups , mostly overseas buyers purchasing metropolitan women , including Shanghai , Beijing , Hangzhou buyers breakdown of the top three.

2009 , Metersbonwe decided to start trying to build its own e-commerce platform .May 2008 , "Focus " and and " RT-Mart " supplementary contract , select the Jiangsu , Zhejiang and other places of six " RT-Mart " stores are also installed in the relevant systems and also to pay the rent and deposit the first year . Air Jordan 5 Electrical business issues fade : purification industry environment is imminent

Yeah What kind of promotion ? fact, businesses ahead dug a pit , waiting for consumers to jump inside one by one .Clothing business after thirty years of development , as has been growing rapidly , so the development of a single model , changes in the ability to respond to the market demand is low, when the market is saturated , there is no innovation models to meet changing market demands , enterprises are passive adjustment of status.There should be between the producer and designer fabrics good communication between the two sides to seek relevant points , while the combination of the various needs of their own characteristics and market changes in sales awareness, high -quality, low-volume , multi- species orders have enough attention. Nike Air Max 2014 Men In order to optimize the quality of exhibitors , Fair booth tenure has been broken , the introduction of exhibitors is updated on a 5% requirement , 5% of updates in a considerable part of the booth give high added value for SMEs .Fair price apparel orders broad Buyer difficult " bargain "Eslite in cooperation with the Giants , the Giants will give the image of some of the games Eslite authorized and utilized in the development of apparel and home products.

To conclude , the most fundamental thing Foxconn overall e-commerce strategy is not clear, but investment is not enough .Previously, Alibabas buy together cost-effective platform to announce that starting C2B strategy, launched customized products platform " poly custom" , the force in home appliances, home, travel , telecommunications and other industries.clothing combined into one , NA me , costume will give us more beauty to enjoy .Kanebo conduct worldwide operations in 50 countries and regions , including China was " state plan " , with Europe, Asia together as expanding the focus of a three -pole . Where can i find cheap Nike Air Max 2011 Men In fact , Discount Stores, discount stores appeared also make " arbitrary discount" phenomenon under control.